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Zipper maintenance skills for luggage case

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
The important accessories of luggage case are pullers, zippers, pull rods and wheels, of which zippers should be used frequently. For the maintenance of the zipper, we should use it scientifically, which will prolong its service life. Xilong luggage manufacturers will introduce the zipper maintenance skills of the luggage case below. 1. In normal use, when pulling the metal zipper of the luggage, the teeth on both sides must be approached first, the top must be aligned, and then the metal luggage zipper head is gently pulled along the track, not too hard. Pay attention to whether there is 'on the zipperBroken belly','Tooth removal' , Skew and other shortcomings, have these shortcomings to be repaired in time, don't pull hard. If the zipper is loose and the teeth are removed, you can use a small hammer to gently knock on the zipper head to make the upper and lower chain teeth tighten, and the teeth will not be removed; 2. The zipper of aluminum alloy is relatively easy to be corroded, so it should be kept boring and not affected with damp to prevent the aluminum teeth from generating white oxide, which will cause the zipper to rust over time and affect the use, at the same time, attention should also be paid not to contact with alkaline and acidic substances. When saving, it is necessary to ensure a certain degree of ventilation. Do not seal it and do not store it in an environment filled with moisture. If necessary, use anti-moisture paper or dehumidification agent. If the zipper is damp, pull it up and become astringent. At this time, first dry the zipper, then apply some wax on the teeth of the zipper, and then bake it with fire, it is very smooth; 3, with copper alloy (White copper, red copper, brass) When the metal zipper of the luggage is used on metal products or wool products, the metal zipper will cause some teeth to turn black due to metal oxidation. If the zipper is astringent and not sensitive to pull, you can use cloth first and wipe it clean after'Teeth'A layer of white wax; 4. Although the hanging metal zipper head has been rust-proof in advance, because oxidation is a metal attribute, in order to reduce discoloration and surface rubbing, xilong luggage manufacturers suggest that you wrap the metal zipper head in copy paper or put a dust bag on the trolley case.
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