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your reusable shopping bags are teeming with bad bacteria

by:Xilong      2019-10-09
Pop quiz!
You know, when is the last time you wash reusable shopping gear and they move around in the trunk of the car or at the bottom of the wholesale backpacks.
The ones you fill up with fruits, vegetables, akaton for free-
Eggs, Grass
Feed the beef and other goodies.
What you put down on the sidewalk or in your shopping cart, then jump onto the kitchen counter.
Maybe I never thought so.
You are not alone.
Most shoppers who change jobs from stores
Provide fragile plastic or paper bags to stronger reusable bags, and rarely wash them if available. Any food-
However, you will be told by a safety expert or microbiology that there are a lot in those unwashed bags --
Absolutely lively-
Bad guys in the bacterial world, including E.
E. coli 0157: H7 and other pathogens that cause foodInfectious diseases
It is worth noting that all foods, both traditional and certified organic, are vulnerable.
Yes, when it comes to the recall, most of the problems come from a food or ingredient that has been contaminated when it reaches the consumer\'s hands.
But the same fact is that no matter how carefully a producer follows a growth and processing agreement, he or she has no control --for example —the none-too-
John Q clean hands
The public, before making a choice, felt the need to fondle a whole bunch of mung beans with each tomato or paw.
You should also know that salmonella may be present in organic eggs, or in hens that are free to feed and feed on pastures, as wild birds and rodents are one of the other vectors of bacteria.
That\'s why we all have a responsibility to help prevent cross-cutting. contamination—
That is to say, harmful bacteria spread from contaminated food to uncontaminated food.
I don\'t think the unwashed tote custom backpacks is much worse than the kitchen sponge and the damp, unfrequently replaced napkin --
Two ideal microbial homes
But why not be proactive, especially in the summer, when we supply so much raw fruit and vegetables, this is the best way to clean reusable bags from a variety of materials.
There are several options when cleaning the food in these bags.
Thorough rinsing under tap water can remove most microbial contamination, as well as dirt and most surface pesticide residues and wax.
As for expensive fruit and vegetable washing, it can be seen from the illustration of FDA toCook --
Take all kinds of cleaning methods through their pace
I suggest you save the money.
Clean all products thoroughly (
Including bought at the farmer\'s market or planted at home)
Under running water, it is more rough than simply soaking fruit or vegetables in a bowl of water; will help.
Dry them with clean kitchen towels or paper towels, further reducing surface bacteria.
You can also use a clean brush to scrub the company to produce such ascetic monks;
Otherwise, it is easy to transfer surface microorganisms to the inside when slicing.
The people in AtCook\'s illustrations clean the product themselves by the price of the Shi, and let things go further.
\"Spray bottles filled with three portions of water and a portion of white vinegar can also work [
As a commercial cleaning
Clean and smooth-
Agricultural products such as apples and pears have surfaced.
Just spray and rinse under tap water.
\"In our tests, this method removed surface bacteria from 98,\" they concluded . \".
If you wash the fruits and vegetables before using them, they will be kept in the fridge for longer periods of time.
This is especially true for fragile produce such as strawberries and raspberries.
That said, I tend to wash all the salad vegetables once and in advance.
In the pain of having dinner at the table, this was the last thing I wanted to do, so I found myself putting the salad production off until the next night, and then the next night. . . .
You got the picture.
I\'m also picky about using completely dry vegetables in a salad (
Otherwise, a seasoning will not stick)
But this is hard to achieve when you are in a hurry.
I use the green vegetables I washed urgently in the salad spinner, then spread them over a clean tea towel to dry a little, then roll them up loosely and stuff them into the perforatedOne cutting-
Edge equipment has not yet entered the home kitchen, but it has aroused great interest in the UV oven developed by Chen Haiqiang, a professor of food science at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Delaware.
Chen\'s invention is about the size of the amicrowave oven, with a simple control panel that combines UV and stirring light
According to a report from the Food Safety News of July 24, water was added to remove fresh pathogens.
While this device is called an oven, it does not heat the product and does not negatively affect the taste or texture.
\"Ultraviolet rays will kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses, but the downside of ultraviolet rays is that it will not penetrate the solid, although it can penetrate the clear water,\" Chen was quoted as saying.
\"The water washes away the pathogens on the surface of the food, and whenever they enter the water, they are almost immediately killed.
\"Chen\'s treatment is different from radiation. radiation is another kind of food --
Security methods used since 1960
As I wrote a few years ago, radiation includes exposure to certain foods (
Usually spices, some fruits and a small amount of meat)
In the form of gamma rays, X-rays, to the strong dose of ionization radiation
Before bringing Ray or electronic beams to market.
\"Unlike ionization radiation, UV treatment does not carry enough energy to ionize atoms,\" Chen explained in an email . \".
\"In the United States, it is used to treat drinking water and cider to improve its microbial food safety.
\"No one has suggested that the food industry should treat this technology as a substitute for a strict health agreement, thus preventing pollution in the first place.
But one day, this could be an additional guarantee for family chefs as well as restaurants, buffet restaurants, commercial kitchens and hospitals.
The article originally appeared on takepart. com.
Read the original text here.
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