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you won\'t believe how much crap americans throw out over the holidays

by:Xilong      2019-08-29
This is the most wasted time of the year.
This article is part of the Huffington Post recycling campaign, an ongoing project that shows the world waste crisis and how we can start working on it.
The spirit of giving is completely effective, but with that comes a lot of rubbish.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated an additional 1 million tons of household waste between Thanksgiving and the new year.
1 million tons does sound a lot, but it\'s not surprising when you consider how our spending habits evolve during the holidays.
The increase in online sales means an excess of packaging waste.
Pack gifts to transport large quantities of decorative paper to landfill.
Cooking a lot of food at the party means there is a lot of leftovers in the garbage.
\"This number really surprises you,\" says Nicole chivetta, a professor and director of the food recycling program at the University of Arkansas Law School, and assistant director of the Stirling academy Rian Fried Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.
For example, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Committee of the nonprofit conservation organization, Americans wasted about £ 0. 204 billion of Turkey during Thanksgiving.
In addition, the number of goods ordered online by Americans during the holiday season has surged.
Consumers spent $3.
There are 45 billion people and 12 people on Monday alone.
According to Fortune, it is up 1% from last year.
Although we have considerable responsibility for handling certain types of containers-almost 90 per cent of corrugated boxes were recycled in 2014-materials like foam packaging and other linings tend to be delivered
Ironically, too much waste comes from the generosity of revelers.
There is an overwhelming pressure to prepare things for our guests, give bright and shiny gifts, hold well-prepared parties.
\"There is such a fanatic expectation,\" Civita told Huffington Post . \".
\"It may be a time when we are under a lot of pressure to spend and do.
In this highly developed environment, we are more relaxed about many environmental ethics and consumption.
Civita and other waste experts agree that revelers can easily reduce waste during the holidays without sacrificing indulgence.
It just needs a little planning.
For example, when preparing a holiday meal, Civita recommends counting the pantry and then making a plan based on the existing situation.
She also suggested serving food on shifts, so that those dishes that don\'t sit outside for a long time are more likely to be re-heated and eaten the next day.
If you\'re going to host a big party get in touch with the food recycling team in advance so you can arrange for the organization to pick up the leftovers in time and bring them to people in need.
Use old newspapers or shopping bags instead of wrapping gifts in fancy paper.
In her home, Civita came up with many other ways to reduce waste during the holidays.
She and the children turned the used wrapping paper into a holiday card for the children\'s teachers.
Civita took the leftovers home and found a way to rearrange the rest of the fridge.
When she brings a dish to the potty, she always packs it in reusable containers (
Even if it means a \"awkward\" conversation with the owner to get it back).
Overall, however, Civita is not frustrated with the amount of waste generated by Americans.
These amazing statistics, she argues, are an opportunity for people to talk about the problem and develop creative solutions.
\"Personally, I think it\'s a very interesting challenge, and I\'m a little weird,\" Civita said.
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