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Xilong teaches you how to maintain PU leather bags

by:Xilong      2020-03-25
Bags have now become a necessity for everyone's life. Bags play a very important role in both work and life. Almost everyone cannot leave bags, even some people have dozens of bags, but there are very few people who really know how to maintain bags. Xilong will teach you how to maintain PU leather bags. The bag made of PU leather is closer to the leather fabric. It does not need plasticizer to achieve soft properties. The bag made of PU leather will not become hard and brittle, and has the advantages of rich colors and various patterns, several points should be paid attention to in the maintenance of PU leather bags: 1. PU leather bags should avoid allowing hands stained with dirt and oil to use the bags and slightly tidy up your large nerves, your bag can be used for several more years; 2. When it rains, it should also try to avoid the bag made of PU leather being wet by rain. 3. Bags made of PU leather usually come with dust-proof bags. If you really don't use bags, remember to plug some newspapers or old clothes into the empty bags and put them into dust-proof bags for storage; 4, PU leather fabric bag storage should also avoid folding and heavy pressure, so as not to cause creases or cracks, even if the bag is not used for a long time, also occasionally take out ventilation. Some people say that clothes are a person's face, and the bag is a tasteful decoration. Owning and caring for your own bag is to maintain your unique taste and show your personality.
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