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Xilong teaches you 7 tips for daily care of luggage

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
Today, Xilong Xiaobian will analyze the tips for daily care of luggage: 1: In order to prevent mildew, please dry in a dry, cool place and store in a ventilated place with low humidity. 2: in the high-temperature car with closed windows, if it is placed for a long time, it may cause the melting and adhesion of the paint. 3: avoid overlapping empty bags and other items when keeping them, so as not to get out of shape. 4: After being wet by rain, wipe it with a soft cloth and dry it in the shade. 5: The workmanship maintains the original properties of the leather, and there will be color fading due to rain or friction, soiling clothes, etc. 6: In order to prevent skin damage, fading and other reasons, please avoid using alcohol solvents such as gasoline and banana oil and washing in water. 7: When the hand dirt and other eye-catching, please use the leather dedicated decontamination device. However, due to the sometimes fading, please try it in an inconspicuous place first. Also, please use a dry wipe or eraser because the leather that sticks to water cannot use a decontamination device. For more information on luggage customization, please click: http://www . Azy288. Com Company name: Xiamen Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. Customer Service Hotline: 400-0061-690 Business Line: 0755-25579493 editor: Zeng Shun
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