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Xilong luggage successfully completed the custom order of DJI innovative staff gift backpack

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
As a representative of domestic enterprises leading the world's scientific and technological innovation, Dajiang Innovation is famous in the scientific and technological circle. 'Local tyrants'The company has always been generous to its employees. Every traditional festival, Dajiang Innovation will carefully prepare welfare gifts for employees, and this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is no exception. As early as the end of August 2015, Dajiang Innovation contacted Xilong bags and asked us to customize and produce a practical gift backpack as an employee gift for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival. After receiving the order from Dajiang Innovation, the design and production department of Xilong luggage devoted itself to the work and finally successfully completed the production task before the Mid-Autumn Festival and completed the delivery of the gift backpack within the agreed time. Dajiang innovative staff Mid-Autumn Festival gift backpack, Mid-Autumn Festival in the blink of an eye over the past ten days, people can not help but lament the ruthlessness of time. It is understood that the innovative employees of Dajiang like the gift backpacks of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, which is the biggest affirmation of Xilong bags. This gift backpack is designed with a circular arc and a classic black and white tone, making it look decent. At the same time, the whole backpack is made of strong nylon jacquard material with a weight of only 0. 01 kg, very comfortable to bear, light and durable, both men and women can use, very suitable as employee gifts. At present, Dajiang Innovation is still negotiating cooperation with Xilong bags on the customization of unmanned aerial vehicle backpacks, and is discussing the design of unmanned aerial vehicle backpacks. Xilong bags are really proud to be able to provide customized services for God-class companies such as Dajiang Innovation again. For the second cooperation, Xilong bags will also go all out to make the most reasonable design scheme according to the customization requirements of Xinjiang innovation for unmanned aerial vehicle backpacks.
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