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Xilong luggage leads urban life, creative backpack lights up Xiamen Gift Show

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
October 20-23, 2015, 23rd th China (Xiamen) The International Home gifts exhibition will be held ceremoniously in Xiamen convention and exhibition center. Xiamen International gift show is known as'China gift home first exhibition' This grand event will be held in the exhibition hall of 200,000 square meters, gathering nearly a thousand enterprises. This is not only a trade procurement activity, but also a feast for the ritual industry where brands and designs complement each other. At this Xiamen International gift show, Xilong luggage was invited as an excellent supplier in China's luggage industry. The booth numbers are 1Q18 and 1Q20. Welcome to visit the booth. At the exhibition site, Xilong luggage will show practical, fashionable and energetic luggage, providing buyers with a full range of gift luggage solutions. Meteorism: simple style, simple style gives people a simple and tasteful feeling, clean and tidy, decent, without any ambiguity, is the ultimate modern match. The busy life in the city has long been tired of flowers and wine, and perhaps a simple style can make you taste the quietness and peace that cannot be found in the floating world again. Xilong bags advocate minimalism style, adhere to the concept of nature, vitality and new fashion, and use gray grades to popularize this simple style backpack. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. It is a thoughtful design. It uses low-key and restrained colors and textured materials to make the whole backpack look more warm and comfortable. Urbanism: business style business style is an indispensable classic element in the history of the trend. Black and White are its most common ways of expression. It can use black and white to create different levels, highlighting delicacy and elegance. Business Style pays attention to style and taste. Whether it is style design or fabric selection, attention should be paid to delicacy and simplicity. At the Xiamen International gift show, Xilong bags will be unveiled with business backpacks. This business style backpack is made of DuPont and leather, with an overall three-dimensional circular design and frosted effect, making the boring black more unique and fashionable. The two-layer main bag inside the backpack stores, scientifically designs the pocket layout, and provides a perfect solution for the storage of business items. Trendy: contrast color wind contrast color wind refers to contrast color matching, including strong color matching or complementary color matching. Clever color matching can improve a person's overall temperament, live out his own personality and show his courage. Xilong bags will use this Xiamen International gift show to show a unique contrast style backpack, bringing a very creative masterpiece to the exhibition site. In today's society, which emphasizes individuality, the reorganization and deconstruction of various elements is a practice of creating fashion. This contrast wind backpack uses strong contrast color matching, which is very eye-catching. The bright orange zipper on the bag improves the color experience, releases different unique styles, and makes fashion and fashion within reach. 23rd China (Xiamen) The International gift and household goods exhibition will begin on 20th day of this month. Xilong bags will meet with you at Xiamen convention and exhibition center. We will be waiting for you at booths 1Q18 and 1Q20!
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