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Xilong luggage customizes employee gift backpacks for 'Where to Go Network?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
'Where to Go Network' Founded by Beijing Xina Software Technology Co. , Ltd. in February 2005, it is a Chinese online travel website as a travel search engine. 'Where to Go Network' We are committed to providing comprehensive and accurate tourism information services for Chinese tourism consumers and promoting the online and mobile development of China's tourism industry. At present,'Where to Go Network' In all categories of online travel services, it has been established as one of China's leading travel media. April 2016,'Where to Go Network' It is planned to customize a fashionable and creative gift for employees. In order to satisfy employees of all ages,'Taste','Where to Go Network' Decided to customize a personalized backpack gift, and through the gift channel to find Xilong bags, let Xilong bags for its design custom a stylish backpack with commemorative value. As an innovative technology company,'Where to Go Network' Great attention is paid to the detailed design of backpacks, requiring fashionable and generous styles, both business and leisure. After in-depth communication, Xilong luggage is'Where to Go Network' Several fashionable, practical and generous hot-selling backpacks are recommended, and different customization schemes are provided. 'Where to Go Network' The purchasing department organized collective employees to vote and finally implemented specific cooperation details. At the end of May 2016, Xilong bags were completed'Where to Go Network'Production and delivery of employee gift backpacks. For can and'Where to Go Network' Cooperation, customized personalized backpack customization service, Xilong luggage is deeply honored and proud! Xilong luggage has been honed in the luggage industry for more than ten years and is committed to becoming a leader in domestic luggage customization and a trustworthy luggage manufacturer!
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