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Xilong luggage congratulates Xiamen 'Merlin v Jing' O2O cloud community public welfare photography festival on its successful conclusion

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
Xiamen'Merlin v View' O2O cloud community public welfare photography festival--National LepaiMerlin V View' The event ended successfully a few days ago. The event was hosted by Futian Meilin Street in Xiamen city and hosted by the image new media platform tumao. It lasted for 2 months and attracted tens of thousands of Xiamen residents and netizens from all over the world, more than 6000 photographic works have been uploaded, one by one, perfectly demonstrating Merlin's landscape and cultural customs. On the afternoon of July 28, the National Music'Merlin V View' The photography exhibition and award presentation ceremony was held ceremoniously in Meilin Yachang Art Museum. Nearly 50 public welfare photographers and representatives of Meilin community residents arrived at the scene to watch the exhibition. At the scene of the photography exhibition, Wang Yunying, vice chairman of Futian district Literary Federation, and the propaganda department of Futian district committee (Style Bureau) Deputy Director Chen Kui, secretary of the Party working committee of Meilin subdistrict office Shao Jianping, and deputy director of Meilin subdistrict office Guo Chao attended the award for the winners. Xilong bags, as the sponsor of this event, provide fashion camera backpacks as event prizes for the competition, so as to give support and affirmation to photography lovers! Public welfare requires action. Supporting public welfare activities is the responsibility and obligation of enterprises. Xilong luggage, as a luggage enterprise rooted in Xiamen, will do its best to continue to support charitable activities in the future. It is willing to contribute a modest contribution to Xiamen's charitable undertakings and hopes that more enterprises will participate.
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