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Xilong luggage Children's Day Essay Contest

by:Xilong      2020-03-22
The strong season of the Earth in June, and children in June; The fragrant departure in May and the arrival of the growing season in June. We recall our childhood together, thinking about the cradle of childhood, childhood dreams, childhood toys and childhood sun! You may already have children in primary school or no children, but it doesn't matter, we all had childhood! Xilong luggage colleagues, pick up the pen in your hand and remember our childhood dreams! ! Rules of essay writing: 1. 【Xilong's essay on June 1]Self-made Topic 2. Participation method: Post the essay to Xilong company mailbox 3. Requirements: must be created by oneself, more than 300 words (Poetry not Limited words), Format is not limited 4. Time: from now until 7. 5 on the evening of June 1, 2013. Mysterious gifts are waiting for you ( Don't forget what we do, custom luggage, luggage gifts, look forward to it)Xilong luggage company personnel department
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