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Xilong bags won Aston Martin brand license

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
Congratulations warmly to Aston Martin, who won the title of Britain's century-old brand as one of the world's top sports car brands (AstonMartin)Official luggage gift customization authorization. According to the relevant authorized cooperation content, in China, Xilong bags will accept the customer's business in the form of ODM in the customization of bags and gifts. Xilong luggage has always been dominated by middle and high-end, and I believe it will soon meet the needs of domestic customers who customize gifts for middle and high-end luggage. Aston ·Martin (AstonMartin) The company is located in Gatton, England, producing convertible station wagons, racing cars and limited production sports cars. Founded in 1913, the founder is Lionel ·Martin and Robert ·Ben. Its brand has always been synonymous with sports cars with unique shapes, fine workmanship and excellent performance, and is called Rolls-Royce in sports cars. Aston · Martin car is marked as a flying Dapeng, which indicates that the company is like a bird, with a sprint speed and great ambition from the sky. Xilong bags will also look like Aston · Like Martin, he became a Dapeng bird and strived for his ambition as fast as he could.
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