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Xilong bags are in progress for Sany Heavy Industry's customized backpack

by:Xilong      2020-03-03
On late November 2019, Sany Heavy Industry plans to purchase a batch of customized backpacks for related activities, and to find suitable backpack manufacturers from multiple channels. Through the comparison of multiple backpack manufacturers, under the fierce competition of multiple backpack manufacturers and the investigation of Sany Heavy Industry in many aspects, xilong bags finally took the order of Sany Heavy Industry's new backpack with excellent product quality and reasonable customized price, and formally signed a purchase and sale contract with Sany Heavy Industry in Middle December. The order has been arranged for on-line production a few days ago, and various production processes are being carried out in an orderly manner to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customers smoothly within the agreed delivery period. This cooperation is the second cooperation between Xilong bags and Sany Heavy Industry. In the summer of 2019, Xilong bags also produced and customized a batch of colorful sunshine summer camp bags for Sany Heavy Industry, and the quality of the bags was also recognized by Sany Heavy Industry. The excellent product quality and reasonable customized price of Xilong bags are also one of the key factors for the two sides to cooperate again. For the cooperation with Sany Heavy Industry again, Xilong luggage feels honored and proud, and hopes that the two sides will have more cooperation opportunities, common development and common progress in the future.
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