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Xilong bags and bags cooperated with TCL Group Brand Management Center and successfully customized advanced business bags for it

by:Xilong      2020-03-24
The world's fourth largest TV manufacturer, one of China's fastest growing industrial manufacturing enterprises, and the top five well-known brands in China-- TCL Group, a few days ago, the TCL brand management center, which it belongs to, cooperated with Xilong bags again. Xilong bags customized senior business backpacks for it. In 2009, TCL Group became the main sponsor of the National Women's Open, xilong completed the tennis bag customization project signed by tennis dream team members such as Wimbledon champion Li Na. In terms of style and materials, the advanced business package specially customized for TCL group this time selects high-quality materials and accessories according to the requirements of its high-end users for the customized use of business packages, and adopts earthquake resistance and decompression, breathable advanced technology manufacturing, elegant style design, rich functions, is the enterprise business activities to promote the brand image of high-grade luggage gifts. At the same time, the product design style is more integrated into TCL's New Image' TheColorfulLife”(Live Well) The cultural elements of the company show the corporate cultural image properly. During the long-term cooperation with TCL Group, Xilong bags have won the high trust of customers with high-quality service and excellent quality, which also means that TCL Group's brand management center has highly recognized Xilong bags products.
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