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Xilong bag tool bag customized for Kehui Medical

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
The medical industry focuses on technology and new products. Every time a new medical equipment is born and recognized by the society, it will also mean that the packaging should be prepared. Ke Hui medical pays special attention to the packaging of products. Reviewing the cooperation with Kehui Medical, most of the bags and bags are customized for the medical equipment of Kehui medical, and there are 2 classic styles, the following is an introduction to Xilong bags and tools customized for Ke Hui Medical. In 2011, Ke Hui medical cooperated with Xilong luggage for the first time to customize the luggage and bag, and customized Ke Hui medical backpack. Ke Hui medical backpack customization has become one of the classic customization kits for Xilong bags by this year. This Ke Hui medical backpack is made of 1680D nylon material, which is waterproof and wear-resistant; The handles and shoulder straps are made of thick and elastic diving materials, which can absorb sweat and not press the body; Carrying the breathable sponge back pad has a good anti-seismic diversion system, which balances the pressure of the backpack on the spine, and at the same time takes away the moisture and sultry, making the back more refreshing and comfortable; Choose thickened PE cotton to customize internal storage, and customize multiple PE tampons, so that they can store different items freely and manage storage space reasonably. On 2012, Kehui Medical once again cooperated with Xilong bags to customize tool bags. Ke Hui medical wants to find a medical tool like a needle. Nest', And can take it with you. Therefore, this Xilong bag customizes a liner medical kit for it. This medical inner bag is small and skillful in customization. The overall material is made of high-quality PE cotton, which is shockproof, wear-resistant and waterproof, reasonably and effectively reduces external conflicts and protects medical supplies in the inner bag. Due to the storage of small medical supplies, the customized inner bag adopts a full-open opening design, and a multi-layer Eva board is added to the bag, and it is designed as a front and back four net pockets, so that small items can also be reasonably classified and managed. The bag is small and has a lot of storage, so that customers can use it safely and conveniently. After three years, Ke Hui medical reprinted the customized Ke Hui medical inner bag, and the Xilong bag was also completed at the end of August this year and delivered to Ke Hui medical company. Xilong luggage manufacturer is a luggage manufacturer integrating independent design, research and development, manufacturer and sales. For several years, Xilong luggage has been customized for more than ten years, kehui Medical Co. , Ltd. is one of the enterprises that have close cooperation with Xilong bags. For more than ten years, Kehui Medical Co. , Ltd. has been adhering to the concept of innovation and safety, therefore, special attention is also paid to the auxiliary products of the products, especially the luggage packaging of medical equipment. It has always been an independent research and development of Ke Hui medical treatment bags and bags. It also requires self-development and design of bags and bags. Xilong bags are also deeply honored to become a perennial partner with Ke Hui Medical.
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