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Xiamen luggage factory teaches you to distinguish whether the fabric of luggage is good or bad

by:Xilong      2020-04-17
There are various styles of luggage, which are divided into time bag, evening bag, cosmetic bag, jewelry box, briefcase, clip bag, computer bag, mountaineering bag, backpack, waist bag, luggage case, travel bag, silver bag, etc, there are only a few kinds of fabrics in the materials, among which the common ones are leather, PVC/PU, high-meter fast Bar material, nylon material, polyester material, canvas, velvet cloth, satin cloth, paper/straw weaving, transparent glue, etc, different fabrics can reflect different styles. Enterprises want to customize them and can communicate directly with luggage factories. Today's fabric market is full of black dragons, some fabrics will be mixed with some other ingredients, but the price is 100% fabric quotation. For identifying the quality of luggage fabrics, the general outsiders will certainly be unreasonable. The following Xiamen luggage factory teaches you to identify the quality of luggage fabrics. The first is to look at the fabric with good gloss. The fabric of the luggage will have a soft light that is different from the shiny light. The gloss of the fabric of different bags is different. The gloss of canvas fabric, nylon fabric and polyester fabric depends on the fabric density (D) The difference will change. The higher the density of the fabric, the stronger the gloss. The second is the texture, good luggage fabric feels very delicate, feels very warm and comfortable without grinding hands; Natural drape will be used when hanging. The leather feels delicate and elastic, and the surface lines are complicated; PU feels soft and the surface texture is orderly; Nylon and polyester fabrics are thick and flexible, and have lines to touch. They are divided into fine lines and pit lines; Canvas fabric feels like granular particles, thick and tough. The third is that the weight of the luggage fabric is generally light, even the wool is not particularly heavy. Leather and PU are generally light, while cloth such as nylon, polyester and canvas are determined according to density. The higher the density, the greater the weight. The commonly used light density is about 600D and 400D. The fourth is that the luggage fabric with good reductibility has very good elasticity and reductibility, and can be restored to flat without wrinkles by hand. PU reducibility is relatively poor, after all, it is artificial leather; The rest of the leather and nylon are very good. Press them tightly and loosen them. They will immediately bounce back to their original state.
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