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would you take this to the supermarket? eagle-eyed shoppers left in stitches after stumbling across a bizarre $16.95 reusable shopping bag with animal prints

by:Xilong      2019-10-06
Eye shoppers were sewn several times after they stumbled upon a strange $16.
95 eyebrow reusable bags
Raise animals.
The controversial shopping bag, made by Australia\'s accessories company La Land, depicts the mating of different wildlife.
Described as a \"fun day-to-day bag with cheeky skin, battling with regular bags\", The Wild fur market bag was recently discovered in the high-end department store Myer store.
A savvy customer posted a snapshot of the package on social media with the caption: \"Do you need a new shopping bag ? \"? !
Double shooting may be required!
\"My mom bear definitely doesn\'t want to buy this bag on Mother\'s Day,\" said the admin at mom\'s central Facebook page.
Thank you for your cheeky reminder of how this all started.
I\'m sure it will cost a lot of double!
A gift that\'s really smart.
Since then, the post has received hundreds of different responses, and many say they think the article is hilarious --
Others say it looks \"wrong \".
One person said that when you take out this bag for people to pack, I would love to see the faces of the people in the supermarket.
The other person said, \"I don\'t mind that. Makes me laugh. \'\'No way.
It\'s just wrong. . .
Interesting but wrong.
\'I have a lot of sympathy for this person,\' said another salesperson.
Someone said: \"Imagine taking this out in the store.
Another person said, \"You have to be angry to buy this bag.
At the same time, one person called the animal a \"jungle animal\", while some were shocked by the bag being sold at a \"premium\" department store.
Azzi e Azzi, creative director at La Land, said that while the brand\'s print may attract some attention, the goal is to create creative, unique and interesting products.
He said on the company website that I like all the artwork we produce and I will buy them, but a lot of things may not fit my personal style.
In the gift industry, we must consider our customers and end users (
Recipient of gift).
\"From this perspective, when we choose topics and styles that make the recipient happy, we must always consider our customers.
Australia\'s Daily Mail has reached out to La Land for comment.
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