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would you pay $12,500 for a grocery basket? chanel ensures fashionistas look chic down shopping aisles with new it \'bag\'

by:Xilong      2019-09-22
Chanel wants to make grocery shopping more fashionable with its new shopping basket handbag-
However, with a price tag of $12,500, you may not be able to afford anything.
Made of brass, this basket covers the calf leather basket and is part of Chanel\'s autumn/winter 2014 accessory collection, which is on display at Paris Fashion Week. Ever the trend-
On Sunday, at Chanel\'s spring/summer 2015 show, Anna De La Russo was found carrying two Chanel wallets in the basket.
2014 autumn/winter series, in Chanel-
Theme supermarket full of Chanel-
Brand food also includes bags and pearls shaped like milk cartons
The inlaid \"lait de coco\" brand currently sold for $4,800.
Classic 2 Chanel.
55 bags are also packed with polystyrene trays and covered with cellophane like cut meat-
The lamb leather small flip pack for pallet packaging will cost you $3,600.
Karl Lagerfeld is known for making expensive Novelty handbags
Including last year\'s $9,450 Lego clutch, which was sold out soon.
Earlier this year, a Chanel No looked like a symbol. 5 bottle (
From Rihanna and Miley Cyrus to Alexa Chung and Alyssa Milano, everyone is seen on their arms.
While no one was found shopping at Wal-Mart with Chanel\'s basket, it has appeared on several fashion members at the recent Paris Fashion Week.
Anna Delo Russo and Ye genglu both appeared at Chanel spring/summer 2015 with baskets dragged.
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