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woolworths and coles to withdraw plastic bags in some stores three months before bans come into effect

by:Xilong      2019-08-15
Australia uses more than 10 million plastic bags a day, and Queensland and Washington State hit environmental waste in 2018.
The Queensland ban will affect all retailers, including even biodegradable bags.
Large supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, have announced all orders
The use of plastic bags will be eliminated from July 1. Picture: AAP.
Source: AAPIF you haven\'t started yet, it\'s time to start storing your plastic shopping custom backpacks.
Free disposable plastic bags will be banned nationwide from July 1, and while the local government says they can keep them, major retailers Coles and Woolworths have also put new states on the list.
But if you live in one of the 16 suburbs in four states, the plastic ban will come earlier --
It was Wednesday, almost three months ahead of schedule.
From the luxury Melbourne enclave Toorak to the tropical town of Mossman, far north Queensland, some supermarkets are testing water before July to measure how shoppers who are denied plastic bags will be.
Large supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, have announced all orders
The use of plastic bags will be eliminated from July 1. Picture: AAP.
Source: A spokesman for AAPA Woolies said
The purpose of Emptive move is to \"monitor customer feedback\" before fully installing the plastic axe in July 1 \".
As early as 2009, South Australia was the first state to phase out plastic bags.
It imposed a fine of up to $5000 on retailers because they distributed banned bags and retailer suppliers could be fined up to $20,000.
The Act and the northern region took the same action in 2011, and the state of tazhou banned them in 2013.
Use will be banned in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia from July.
Last year, Woolworths announced that it will not only comply with the bans in these states, but will also withdraw its luggage from the new states.
It is understood that with the ban from other states, it will be easier to simply withdraw bags from all stores.
Hours after Woolworth\'s statement, Coles made a promise.
Woolies said 12 stores will get a ban on plastic bags in advance.
Speaking about the early Ban on 12 stores, a Dallas eda Woolworths spokesperson said: \"Our team has been trying to remind local customers of the upcoming changes in recent weeks, so far, feedback from the community is very positive.
\"As changes take effect, we will continue to monitor customer feedback closely to ensure that any lessons we have learned from the first two stores are reflected in our nationwide rollout in a few months.
\"From Wednesday, April 4, shops in Torak, Wyndham Vale and Victoria Lake Taylor will no longer offer free plastic bags.
Sydney stores located in malayong, Greenway village and Dural, as well as in the New South Wales area town of mulumbi will also bid farewell to the bags in advance.
Plastic bags for Mossman and Noosa Civic will disappear in Queensland, and in Western Australia the store will be in Singleton, South Fremantle and Cottesloe.
Coles also confirmed the news. com.
Au said it was carrying luggage in some stores.
On April 30, Balgowlah in Sydney, William stown in Melbourne, Inglewood in Perth and Hope Island in Queensland will lose plastic bags two months ago.
\"We know that many customers enjoy the convenience of being single.
\"Using the bags, so we are trying to phase out multiple stores to make sure we make the transition as easy as possible,\" said John Durkan, general manager of Coles . \".
Every year, three more customers will be added to woolies.
There are 2 billion plastic bags and billions taken from the Coles store.
Starting on Wednesday, Woolworth in jalitorak will lose free plastic bags at one time.
Source: The ban by News Corp. Australia aliathe usually covers only traditional lightweight free plastic bags, not thin bags that collect fruits and vegetables.
Thicker reusable plastic bags, priced at 15c per custom backpacks, will be the cheapest option despite familiarity
A product called \"green pack\" will also be provided.
\"Wednesday is an important day for us and these communities because we have taken this step very early, but working with our customers has taken an important step, A spokesman for helping Australia create greener Woolworth said.
\"We know to cancel singles.
Using plastic bags is a big change for some of our customers, but we feel very strongly that this is the right thing to do for the environment.
On October, Victoria-era prime minister Daniel Andrews took the new state governor Gladys berreggikian to publicly question why the new state did not join the ban, and said that if the ban was finally added, the state will \"follow the footsteps of Victoria \".
Even if your store is not on the early list, the Coles and Woolies stores nationwide will disappear from all disposable bags from July 1.
Picture: AAP Picture/James Rose
Source: News Australia is also putting pressure on new states to take action again.
Greenpeace senior media activist said: \"The new state prime minister Gladys berreggiklia is now behind other states in Australia and even behind Simon Black, the main chain that has also taken action to ban bags
\"In new state, voluntary action by supermarkets will not include more than 1 billion bags.
This is the billions of bags Berejiklian has released in our waterways and landfill sites, \"he said.
The new state government responded to the pressure, saying the current
Garbage priority is implementation 10-
The cent container deposit plan, which is scheduled to be promoted across the state in December.
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