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wildfires, plastics, opioids: union of b.c. municipalities considers wide range of resolutions

by:Xilong      2019-09-13
The topics for the solution include wildfire suppression, plastic waste reduction, elected official pay, opioid crisis response and daylight. Union of B. C.
The municipal representative considered more than 50 resolutions on various topics on Friday, the last day of the annual meeting.
The first, the delayed resolution, from the Houston area, asked UBCM to lobby the federal government and the province for military personnel to be trained in wildfire suppression so that they could help with wildfire incidents across Canada, suppressing wild fires is part of all basic training.
The resolution was adopted.
\"When we put out the fire, we need all sorts of help and it would be great to have the military involved as well,\" said Houston Cohn . \". John Siebenga.
The City of Vancouver has put forward a resolution calling for the province to develop a single-
Use the item reduction strategy, which can cover items such as plastic and paper shopping bags, foam cups and containers, straws and utensils.
It will exclude single
Use items for medical purposes or required by persons with disabilities.
The resolution was adopted and an amendment was adopted to require the province to engage the packaging industry in any effort to develop a strategy.
Another resolution in Vancouver called on the province to urge the federal government to support a \"comprehensive and culturally safe\" public health approach to the ongoing opioid crisis, including low
A barrier opioid distribution plan for the person with the most risk of excessive death.
It was recognized without debate.
The city of gaoguilin resolution on the issue of remuneration of elected officials required UBCM to study the issue and establish an independent process to help local governments set fair and reasonable remuneration for local governments to approve officials without discussion.
Lobbying the provincial government to cancel daylight\'s perennial resolution received 52 weak support.
3% in favor, and for an additional time zone province --wide.
\"I think the argument is simple . . . . . . We think the best time has passed by Daylight --
It doesn\'t seem to make any more sense until the date, \"Hudson Wants Mayor Gwen Johnson to say.
Similar resolutions proposed and requested by Grand Forks on the cancellation of daylight were approved at last year\'s meeting.
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