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why you should use a reusable grocery bag

by:Xilong      2019-09-07
It seems that more and more supermarkets stop using plastic bags and switch to paper.
Only shopping bags and set a discount incentive for customers to bring reusable bags themselves.
This is because we finally found out the inconvenient truth about plastic bags: Plastic bags are rarely recycled.
They are made of oil.
They are a great harm to our environment.
If you have changed to reusable grocery bags, applaud your awareness of the environment.
However, if you are still using plastic bags, please read the facts below and consider replacing them.
Our world should be treated better.
If you want to recycle all your old plastic bags, find a recycling center here.
By the way, paper shopping bags are as bad as plastic bags.
Browse the slides below to see some reusable shopping bags that we think you\'ll like.
The Washington Post has good infographics on paper and plastic bags.
Source: GoGreenStreet.
Com, PaperNorPlastic. Live broadcast.
Com, ReuseThisBag. com.
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