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why grip strength is important even if you’re not a ‘ninja warrior’

by:Xilong      2019-09-03
You can send out the bicep curls during your sleep and press your chest like a professional.
However, every time you try to pull, your fingers feel like they break --up or deadlift. What gives?
You have no grip, my friend.
If you \'ve seen several episodes of NBC\'s American Ninja Warrior, you might be familiar with the concept.
Through the obstacle course in the show, all climbing and hanging ring swings require amazing grip power
Things that commentators often mention.
Ethan Reeves said strong grip is critical to a range of sports, including gymnastics and wrestling, as well as daily activities, such as opening a jar or carrying luggage, and the assistant sports director of sports performance at Wake Forest University.
Your grip is also an important indicator of your overall health.
A study in the Journal of Strength and regulation studies concluded that grip power is a predictor of muscle endurance and overall strength.
Other studies found that strong grip strength was associated with lower risk of heart attack and stroke.
The findings suggest a link between heart health and muscle strength, the researchers said.
\"It\'s important to have full health,\" Reeve said . \".
\"Stretching is as important as bending your fingers, so you need to build muscles on the top and on the other side of your hand.
\"Exercising all parts of your hand also helps to avoid imbalance between muscles, which helps you to open and close your hand.
Overworking muscles, for example, can cause tendonitis.
A good way to strengthen the sides of the gloves, says Reeves, is to put your hand in a bowl of rice or sand and stretch out and bend your fingers.
There are actually several kinds of grip power --
Crush, pinch and support-
According to Scott Caulfield, head strength and conditioning coaches of the national forces and Conditioning Association.
Each one helps you to grasp the overall firmness.
The squeeze grip refers to the power between the finger and the Palm, which can help you shake hands or crush a piece of paper.
For example, the power between your finger and your thumb is called a pinch grip, which is used to grab a piece of paper.
The ability to hold things for a long time, such as the handle of a shopping custom backpacks or luggage, is called the support grip.
There are a lot of exercises to improve your grip, says Caulfield.
Holding dumbbells for as long as possible is a way to get your hands comfortable training, especially if you\'re not used to lifting weights, he says.
If you know your approach to weight lifting, Caulfield recommends that you use standard weight lifting.
You can start by simply picking up the barbell from the floor and putting it down.
Once you\'re comfortable with your grip, start adding plates to the bar.
\"Do sports games like no elevator to make your grip work because it\'s a whole --
\"Working out, your grip tends to relax first,\" says Caulfield . \".
\"You can also train your fingers by having the dumbbell roll off your hand and grab it at the tip of your finger.
Reeve and Caulfield recommend some moves that you can do at your desk and some that you should try at the gym.
Clamp extrusion: Grab a hand holder, beautiful gadgets with springs in the middle (
There may be one in your gym)
Put your finger into your palm.
Squeeze in and out for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.
Repeat this pattern in three rounds.
You can also do the same on your desk with a pressure ball.
Newspaper Roll: place your hand in a newspaper and pull the paper in with your fingertips until you roll the paper into a ball.
Plate extrusion: Take two weighted plates and you will add them to the plate on the barbell, hold them together with one hand, the thumb on one side and the finger on the other.
Not strong enough?
Keep a plate as long as possible.
Plate track: Grab a five-or 10-
Put your thumb on one side and your finger on the pound plate on the other side.
Pass the plates around your body three times in one direction, then switch in the direction.
Add more plates when you get stronger so you can bypass two or three plates with one hand instead of one.
Dead hanging: hanging from the pull-
As long as you can straighten your arms, you can stay in the bar for a while.
Test different locations to really work your hands, including getting one hand to hold the bar tightly and the other to grab from under the bar.
Farmers: Grab a pair of dumbbells, the heavier the better.
Put one each hand and hold it tightly as you cross the room.
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