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Why do enterprises choose canvas bags for customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
In recent years, with the rise of the luggage industry, there are numerous luggage materials in the market, mainly leather materials and Oxford materials. However, with the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, leather and Oxford fabrics are no longer the only choices for fashionable men and women. For them, canvas's fashion atmosphere, simple texture, durability, rich functions and other characteristics can better meet the needs of enterprises and young people's luggage customization. 1. Canvas material light, anti-wrinkle, high tensile strength, with low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance function. 2. Canvas is made of natural cotton and is a very environmentally friendly raw material for luggage. For the present, both at home and abroad are under the energy-saving and environmental protection system, whether it is custom bags or custom clothing canvas is the best choice of raw materials. 3. Canvas is a thick fabric made of warp yarn and weft yarn. The material is tight and thick, feels stiff and strong, and is very strong and wear-resistant. With the current users' high standard requirements for materials, the general materials on the market are difficult to meet the needs of users. Canvas has its own special material, whether it is a tool kit or a luggage case, it will be the preferred material for enterprises to customize. 4. Canvas is fashionable, elegant, simple and has rich functions, and is suitable for any age in today's trendy society. 5. Canvas is widely used because of its special materials. It can be used not only for luggage customization, but also for freight tarpaulin for cars, trains, ships and cargo ships and for shed materials for construction sites. Therefore, why do enterprises choose canvas to customize bags and bags is due to the above canvas characteristics. I hope these experiences can be shared with friends in need for reference. This outdoor briefcase is specially designed for CNOOC company according to special outdoor work requirements. The material is canvas material with waterproof, oil-proof and high wear-resistant special protective coating, supplemented with high-quality PU material, the matching style of khaki is natural and simple. The internal functional design meets the requirements of computers, documents and functional compartments. The plain canvas material, in fact, is low-key to highlight the strong protection function of outdoor work.
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