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who wore it better? balenciaga\'s €2000 blue tote almost identical to ikea\'s 99c shopper

by:Xilong      2019-09-10
The design team of the French luxury brand Balenciaga is obviously not shopping at Ikea.
This oversized blue leather handbag looks very much like a big blue shopping bag from the Swedish lifestyle brand.
They are similar in shape and size.
The only difference is the material.
Leather and shiny crumpled thingsand the price.
What\'s the difference-
The price of Balenciaga is 2000 euros, while the price of Ikea is only 99c.
Normally, high street brands will feel the heat of copying designer designs, but in this case, luxury brands may be accused of plagiarizing Ikea designs.
However, Demna Gvasalia, a designer at Balenciaga, may be well aware of what he is doing.
Marc Jacobs did something similar on those canvas bags your Grandma used --
He turned them into luxury goods.
Balenciaga has not commented on the package yet, although they may not need to worry about it, as Ikea has issued a statement that seems a bit flattered by them.
A spokesman said today, \"We are very satisfied with the Balenciaga tote bag and Ikea\'s iconic 99-cent sustainable blue tote bag.
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