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Which two details should enterprises pay attention to when customizing backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Gift backpacks are becoming more and more popular. They are practical and fashionable, and are very easy to love. 2015 is coming to an end. On the occasion of the new year, many enterprises are looking for backpack manufacturers to customize backpacks and send them to employees as welfare gifts or annual gifts. However, the gift backpack attaches great importance to quality, so it is necessary to pay attention to some details. Which two details should enterprises pay attention to when customizing backpacks? First, the custom backpack should pay attention to the material of the backpack. There are many materials for making backpacks, such as nylon, Oxford, canvas, even cowhide, crocodile skin, etc. Backpacks made of different materials have different qualities. Enterprises do not need to choose luxury materials such as cowhide and crocodile skin for customizing backpacks. They usually choose 1680D double Oxford cloth or 600D Oxford cloth. These two materials belong to mid-range materials and are acceptable to most enterprises, and the backpack is more durable. Second, the custom backpack should pay attention to the structure of the backpack. The back structure of the backpack directly determines the purpose and grade of the backpack, and also relates to the comfort of the backpack. Therefore, the back structure of the backpack is also an important factor that must be considered when customizing the backpack. Enterprise Custom backpacks are usually used by employees, so the comfort of backpacks should be fully considered. It is recommended to design more than six pieces of Pearl cotton or EVA as a breathable cushion on the back. A reasonably designed backpack can not only make the backpack more valuable, but also make employees feel the care of the enterprise! Enterprise custom backpack looking for Xilong bags, we were founded in 2004, is a professional backpack manufacturers, ten years focused on the backpack custom business, for many enterprises custom gift backpack, for example, Baidu, Alibaba, BYD, etc. are your trustworthy choices!
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