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Which materials are better for cosmetic bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
There are more and more people using cosmetic bags, and the market demand is also increasing. Although there are many kinds of cosmetic bags on the market, the quality is uneven. There are many kinds of cosmetic bags on the market, including nylon cloth cosmetic bags, cotton cosmetic bags, pvc cosmetic bags, pu cosmetic bags, etc. So what kind of cosmetic bags will be better in the market of fish eyes mixed with beads? 1. Nylon cloth cosmetic bag: nylon cloth itself has good toughness, strong organization, strong wear resistance, easy tearing and, more importantly, easy cleaning, however, nylon cloth also has the disadvantage of being impenetrable. 2. Cotton cosmetic bag: cotton cloth has soft texture, moisture absorption and air permeability, but its elasticity is poor, easy to shrink and wrinkle. 3. PVC cosmetic bag: there is a layer of leather under the PVC cloth. This layer of leather generally has good waterproofness, but it is easy to crisp when exposed to the sun for a long time. 4. PU cosmetic bag: PU leather bag is beautiful in appearance, easy to take care of, has good wear resistance, but easy to break. Each material of the cosmetic bag has its own advantages and disadvantages, if you need to choose custom cosmetic bag, then you need to be customized according to their own needs. Choose a customized supplier of cosmetic bags, and highly recommend Xilong luggage customization here. Xilong has 12 years of business experience, its own room facilities and professional research and development and design team, which is trustworthy!
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