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Which material of shoulder bag is more durable?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
Shoulder bag is one of the leisure bags that are frequently used in daily life, and it is also one of the popular styles. However, the commonly used shoulder bags are made of different materials, and their effects and performances are also different. At present, on the market, the materials that can be used to make shoulder bags generally include leather and fabric. Which of these two materials is more durable? Leather materials generally include genuine leather and artificial leather. Although the price of the shoulder bag made of genuine leather is expensive, the hand feeling and texture are incomparable with those of artificial leather. In the genuine leather, the shoulder bag made of the first layer of cowhide is not only beautiful in appearance, feels good, but also more durable, and the first layer of cowhide also has good strength, elasticity and process plasticity. In the fabric material, which material of the shoulder bag is more durable? This non-Oxford cloth and canvas shoulder bag must be. The 1680D double-strand Oxford cloth is not only of high grade, but also of strong durability and high cost performance. However, compared with genuine leather, the grade is still not enough and it is easy to deform; The shoulder bag made of canvas is more common, and the grade is lower than that of Oxford cloth. Which material of shoulder bag is more durable? In terms of performance alone, the first layer of cowhide, Oxford cloth and canvas are relatively durable materials, but in terms of the taste and grade of luggage, Xilong luggage suggests choosing the first layer of cowhide shoulder bag. Xilong luggage is an old brand manufacturer with more than ten years of luggage customization experience. It has rich experience in luggage research and development, design and production. The suggestions for you are worth learning.
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