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Which luggage factory should I find for customized notebook inner bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
Note the inner bag pays attention to the protection of notebook computers, which can effectively prevent the damage of notebook computers caused by collision, drop, vibration and other conditions. The principle of the notebook inner bag is similar to that of the mobile phone case, and its function is almost the same, so that the notebook computer can be better protected. Common notebook inner bag brands mainly include Fuchen, deyida, Moshi, pinsheng, deyida, Tocano, Kensington, Philips, new blue, cartino, Jinsheng, etc. Some brand computer manufacturers will also give inner bag. However, if you want to express your personality and characteristics, you 'd better find a luggage factory to order a notebook inner bag. In today's increasingly popular personalized luggage customization, more and more digital accessories enterprises choose to order notebook inner bags as promotional gifts or business gifts. When looking for a luggage factory to order a notebook inner bag, two details must be considered. First, the choice of fabric, the biggest role of the laptop bag is waterproof and shockproof, which requires the use of super waterproof, drop-resistant, earthquake-resistant fabrics. The second is the size design. Before deciding the specific size of the inner bag of the notebook, you must make a'Measurements of Three Dimensions' In order to find the most matching protection space and improve the security of notebook computers. Which luggage factory should I find for customized notebook inner bag? Xilong luggage is recommended. Xilong bags was founded in 2004, focusing on bags customization for 12 years. It has a professional design and production team, rich production experience, and is good at designing personalized and creative bags according to customer needs, and provide the most suitable luggage development plan. If you have the need to order notebook inner bag, please contact us!
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