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Which kind of wear-resistant Oxford cloth or canvas is better?

by:Xilong      2020-08-21
When buying clothes, bags, shoes and other countertops, you can see how many fabrics are made, most of which are Oxford cloth and canvas. Which of these two is wear-resistant? Which is better? Oxford cloth has many functions, and it is a new type of fabric with a wide range of uses. The escape or full bomb we see in the market, as well as cotton and Tiger are all Oxford fabrics. Oxford cloth looks relatively soft in color and has good air permeability and is easy to dry when washed. Oxford cloth has many fancy products and can meet the needs of various groups of people. Oxford cloth is used to make bags and bags, including Tiger Oxford cloth, webar Oxford cloth, sleeve oxford cloth and cotton oxford cloth, which can be used to make rainproof. Canvas is a kind of thick-looking cotton fabric, or linen fabric. The types of canvas mainly include coarse canvas and fine canvas, and coarse canvas has good waterproof performance. Fine canvas can be used to make clothing, backpacks, handbags, etc. By comparing the fabrics of Oxford cloth and canvas, both fabrics have their own characteristics and advantages. If the enterprise customizes bags and suitcases, it is better to choose Oxford cloth than canvas, and if it wants to be waterproof, then choose canvas. Oxford cloth is softer and more comfortable than that, and Oxford cloth is made of polyester-cotton blended yarn interwoven with cotton, with good hand feeling and hygroscopicity. The canvas fabric is thick and tight, and feels hard to the touch. If you want to customize the wear-resistant Oxford cloth for two kinds of fabrics, if you want to customize the affordable one, you should choose Oxford cloth, because the canvas price is higher than Oxford cloth. More information in Xilong bags! Xilong luggage was founded in 2004. It has an independent factory building and a professional development and design team. It is equipped with modern production equipment and strictly controls the quality of products. The products cover travel, business, fashion, leisure, leather goods, etc, applicable to all fields, is your trusted custom manufacturer!
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