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Which kind of schoolbag is better for kindergarten customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Nowadays, more and more kindergartens directly cooperate with the bag manufacturers, so that the manufacturers can customize and produce a personalized bag and distribute it to the children. Kindergarten directly customizes the distribution of schoolbags, which can not only reduce the troubles of parents, but also improve their professionalism, which is more conducive to the promotion and promotion of the brand. However, customized schoolbags should pay attention to the design of schoolbags and the choice of fabrics. Never produce inferior schoolbags to avoid affecting the physical development of children. So, which kind of schoolbag is healthier to customize? When customizing schoolbags in kindergartens, the most important thing is to consider which kind of schoolbags have the least burden on children, rather than which bag manufacturer has the lowest quotation. The children's spine development is not very complete, the bag can not be too heavy, if the customized bag has problems, it is easy to cause problems such as spine crushing and humpback. In addition, if the bag is made of inferior fabric, it may also cause poisoning. In order to avoid the occurrence of these problems, when customizing schoolbags in kindergartens, it is best to customize schoolbags with double shoulder straps, pay attention to the carrying Design of schoolbags, and select lightweight fabrics to make schoolbags more lightweight and convenient, so as not to cause too much pressure on children. Custom kindergarten schoolbags find Xilong luggage custom manufacturers. We are a professional research and development, design and production of kindergarten schoolbags and primary and secondary school students' schoolbags. We have 12 years of experience in customizing schoolbags and our products are made of high quality fabrics, make sure the weight of the bag is not more than a few hundred grams. The bag is very light and light. It is the lightest and most comfortable product for children.
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