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Which kind of luggage application material is more wear-resistant, you certainly don't know

by:Xilong      2020-08-21
Luggage is a general designation of all kinds of bags used to hold things, including general backpacks, briefcases, toolkits and various luggage cases. Luggage is widely used in daily life. It is necessary for business people, travellers and office workers. Luggage is more and more novel in style. Especially for enterprises, the emergence of customized services makes luggage customization more and more popular. By printing logo enterprise information, it has virtually become a flowing publicity effect. So, which kind of luggage application material is more wear-resistant? Commonly used materials for making bags can be divided into three categories: PVC/PU leather, nylon/Oxford cloth, denim/canvas. The method of distinguishing PVC/PU leather is to use a small piece of fabric, put it in gasoline for half an hour, and then take it out. If it is PVC Artificial Leather, it will become hard and brittle. If it is PU synthetic leather, it will not become hard and brittle. Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with various functions and a wide range of uses. Oxford cloth can be divided into nested, full-elastic, nylon, tether and other varieties on the market. Nylon is mostly used as backpack fabric, which is very wear-resistant and very suitable for use in the field. Denim is made of pure cotton indigo dyed warp yarn and natural weft yarn, with good moisture permeability, good air permeability, comfortable wearing, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage and anti-deformation. Canvas a thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric, mostly used as shoe fabric, travel bag, backpack and sail cloth box material. Generally speaking, Oxford materials are wear-resistant and tear-resistant, while nylon materials are highly wear-resistant. Custom luggage, Xilong luggage is recommended to choose Oxford cloth and nylon, which is not only wear-resistant and extremely durable, but also very suitable for traveling in the wild. Of course, canvas is also a good choice. If you need to know more about the material of the luggage, you can check the relevant information on our Xilong luggage website. If it is a luggage customization, you can directly call our Xilong luggage website for free. Xilong luggage has been established for more than 12 years. It is experienced and trustworthy!
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