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Which is stronger, Oxford cloth or canvas, in the material of luggage?

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
In our daily use of luggage, the materials we make are fabric nylon, polyester, canvas, Oxford cloth, etc; Genuine Leather with leather and synthetic leather; There are plastic PP, ABS, PC, etc. Different functional designs of bags and suitcases require different materials, and the effect of bags and suitcases achieved is also different. Which of the luggage materials is stronger, Oxford cloth or canvas? The Oxford cloth in the material of the luggage is a fabric made of relatively fine combed high-count yarn as double warp and interwoven with thicker weft yarn in weft and double flat structure. It has various functions and soft color, the cloth is soft and breathable, and Oxford cloth is easy to wash and dry, soft to the touch, good hygroscopicity and strong wear resistance, but compared with canvas, Oxford cloth has poor water resistance. Canvas is a kind of thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric. The fabric is thicker and tighter. It feels hard to touch, but it is waterproof. Compared with Oxford cloth, canvas is more wear-resistant. The disadvantages of bags made of canvas fabric are also inevitable. For example, canvas fabric is not particularly breathable, its impact resistance is not as good as Oxford cloth, and its moisture resistance is poor. Oxford cloth and canvas in the material of luggage are relatively strong and wear-resistant fabrics, but relatively speaking, bags made of canvas are more wear-resistant and strong than bags made of Oxford cloth. So if you have the willingness to customize your bags, you can directly contact Xilong bags. Xilong bags have been focusing on the production of bags for more than ten years. You can choose Oxford cloth or canvas to make bags according to customer needs!
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