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Which is better, trolley bag or trolley case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
In daily use, there are backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, luggage case, etc. , backpacks are business, leisure, outdoor, etc. , and trolley bags are also divided into trolley bags and luggage case. Compared with other backpacks, trolley bag and trolley case are more suitable for longer or longer travel time, so which is better for travel, trolley bag or trolley case? Compared with trolley case, trolley bag has advantages in weight. First, it is lighter and easier to carry; Second, it is smaller and will not take up too much space. However, the trolley bag is generally made of soft fabric or leather materials. The shell of the bag is relatively soft and may be squeezed by other bags when checking luggage, as a result, the articles of the trolley bag are crushed and the safety is low. Compared with the trolley bag, the trolley case has a relatively large space in addition to its strong function of protecting articles, and can be equipped with more articles, and the general trolley case has a better balance and is easier and more convenient to travel. The trolley case made of PP, PC, PVC, EVA and other plastic materials has stronger waterproofness and wear resistance than the trolley case. Which is better, trolley bag or trolley case, is related to their own needs, but when purchasing or mass customization, it is recommended to choose trolley case, although the price will be more expensive, but the safety and practicality are relatively high, so if you want to customize the luggage case, you can choose Xilong luggage customization manufacturer with more than ten years of production and operation experience. Xilong luggage has served hundreds of well-known enterprises in China and is worthy of trust!
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