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Which is better, suitcase universal wheel or aircraft wheel?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
Suitcase is a loading tool that many people like to use, mainly because it is practical and can make travel more convenient, relaxed and comfortable. When choosing a suitcase, in addition to choosing the style and color you like, you should also pay attention to various parts of the suitcase, such as wheels, because the wheel is good or not, which directly determines the quality of the trip, which is better, suitcase universal wheel or aircraft wheel? Universal wheel luggage case is what we often call movable casters. Due to its own structural design, it can realize the function of horizontal 360-degree rotation. The aircraft wheel is also a kind of universal wheel, which is composed of eight wheels. Compared with the universal wheel with four wheels, the size of the wheels is not much different, but the cost of the aircraft wheel is higher. The aircraft wheel generally uses silent rubber wheels, which can greatly reduce the noise of the collision between the wheels and the ground. However, the aircraft wheel has eight wheels that directly touch the ground, thus adding a lot of friction to the suitcase and the ground. Although the aircraft wheel improves the stability of the suitcase, the efficiency is not as good as that of the universal wheel. Which is better, suitcase universal wheel or aircraft wheel? Some people think that the aircraft wheel is more durable and will be better, but others think that the universal wheel is low in cost, fast and good. Therefore, when choosing a suitcase, whether you choose a universal wheel or an airplane wheel, the one that suits you is the best. If you still have doubts about the suitcase wheels, you can directly consult Xilong luggage!
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