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Which is better, Oxford cloth or jacquard backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
Backpacks are necessary for people to travel. They not only have various styles and functions, but also have various materials. At present, the fabrics that can be made into backpacks generally include fabric and leather, but Xilong luggage only talks about backpacks made of Oxford cloth and jacquard fabric. Which is better, Oxford cloth or jacquard fabric backpack? If you want to judge the quality of the two objects, there must be some commonalities between the two objects. Although Oxford cloth and jacquard fabric belong to fabric materials, however, these two kinds of fabrics are also fabrics with different structures, and their synthetic components are also different, so there is no comparability. If you really want to discuss which is better, Oxford cloth or jacquard fabric backpack, this requires relying on subjective consciousness to judge whether it is good or bad. In general, the color of the backpack made of jacquard fabric is not monotonous, the backpack pattern has a strong stereoscopic impression, and the backpack made of high grade, however, the manufacturing process of jacquard fabric is relatively complicated and may be relatively high in price. However, the Jacquard Oxford cloth in Oxford cloth is one of the Jacquard Fabrics. The backpack made of Oxford cloth has fine surface lines and strong waterproof, wear resistance and tear resistance. Which is better, Oxford cloth or jacquard backpack? If judged according to personal preferences, Xilong bags think jacquard Oxford cloth backpack is better, mainly because jacquard Oxford cloth not only has the beauty of jacquard fabric and other advantages, but also has the unique advantages of Oxford cloth. Custom backpack, material selection is a must, but the manufacturer's choice is also certain, and Xilong luggage custom manufacturer is a good choice, old brand manufacturers, trustworthy!
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