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Which is better, nylon or Oxford cloth?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
Nylon and Oxford cloth in the fabric of luggage can be said to be equal to each other. If you want to compete, it depends mainly on how the enterprise chooses? Xilong luggage next, I 'd like to talk to you about the knowledge of nylon and Oxford cloth in the luggage, so that everyone can stand up on their own. Which one is better, nylon or Oxford cloth? First, Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with various functions and wide application. Oxford cloth is often made into bags and all kinds of rainproof articles. Among them, Oxford fabric varieties that are often made into bags are set of Oxford cloth, full-elastic Oxford cloth and Tiger Oxford cloth. The warp and weft density of nested Oxford cloth is 360/10cm × 210/10 cm, gray cloth after relaxation, alkali content, dyeing, anti-static, coating and other treatment, has the advantages of light texture, soft hand feeling, good waterproof, good durability and so on. The full-elastic Oxford cloth is made of polyester DTY300D silk, which is interwoven on the spout faucet loom with coarse point change and air-permeable tissue. Its texture is fine, the luster is soft, and the waterproof property is good. The luggage made of this fabric is the fashionable and trendy pet that the lady pursues. Tige Oxford fabric has novel design and unique technology, with prominent front plaid and strong stereoscopic impression, becoming the most prominent part of the fabric, and also adopting coating on the reverse side (PU) Craft, making it more waterproof and drapability, is a fashion good material for making all kinds of bags. Second, the selection of nylon materials should be discussed from the two factors of D and T. D--- Denier refers to the density of nylon fabric, which expresses the weight of silk thread per unit length. The larger the density, the more durable it is; T-- The T in the fabric generally refers to the polyester Taff, which is a nylon silk-like fabric that is light and strong, such as 190 T. You can also simply think that the larger the number before T, then the same area of cloth is heavier. The main materials of the backpack are 420D Oxford nylon, 1000D nylon, 600D or 1000D polyester, or 1000D CORDVRA and other materials. 1000D material has high density and wear resistance, which is very suitable for field use. CORDVRA is a famous high-grade wear-resistant nylon roving fabric developed by DuPont Company of the United States. The wear resistance of the material is much higher than that of ordinary nylon or polyester, and the weight is light. More than 90% of the backpacks of famous brands in the world are made of this prestigious nylon material. Oxford cloth and nylon in the field of luggage have their own advantages and characteristics. Enterprises can have more choices in fabric varieties when choosing Oxford cloth, which is richer in color than nylon, while choosing nylon to make luggage has stronger durability, therefore, it is often used as the main material for backpacks and luggage case, but the appearance color can only be a single black and purple. There is little difference between nylon and Oxford cloth, mainly depending on the company's own personal preferences.
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