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Which is better, hard or soft luggage?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
Approaching the end of the year, major enterprises are busy preparing year-end gifts for their employees, but now the vast majority of enterprises choose personalized customized bags as year-end gifts to distribute benefits. First, bags are more practical, second, luggage can not only stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, but also play a propaganda role for enterprises. So custom year-end luggage gifts, hard and soft luggage which is better? Hard bags generally refer to bags made of plastic materials, while plastic bags generally include PC, ABS, EVA, etc. Hard luggage generally has good moisture-proof, waterproof and wear resistance, and hard luggage can also withstand certain pressure and impact force, which can better protect articles. However, the space of hard luggage is relatively fixed, and hard luggage is prone to aging after a certain number of years of use. However, soft bags are generally made of fabric or leather materials. Compared with hard luggage, soft luggage will be weaker in terms of impact force and pressure, as well as waterproof and moisture-proof performance, but soft luggage is relatively light and has certain scalability, the capacity of luggage can be increased under certain circumstances. Therefore, customizing soft year-end luggage gifts is also a good choice. Judging which is better, hard or soft luggage, this question is very difficult to answer, after all, every kind of material luggage has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when customizing employees' year-end luggage gifts, it is necessary to make choices based on the nature of employees' work and their needs. If you are willing to customize your bags, you can choose Xilong bags. Xilong bags are experienced, strong and trustworthy!
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