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Which is better, custom luggage case combination lock or TSA Customs lock?

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
The travel rate of luggage case accounts for 80%in travel bags. In group tours and corporate tours, luggage case is a personalized highlight. It turns out that the current luggage case is playing'Group card', Take the group personalized customization. The purpose of customizing luggage case for enterprise groups is to promote their own enterprise brands. Mass customization of luggage case has many kinds of choices in terms of cost, whether from materials or accessories, and can almost be controlled according to the budget of the enterprise, however, there are always disputes over the safety of locks. So, when customizing luggage case, which is better, password lock or TSA Customs lock? There are two kinds of password locks, ordinary password locks and TSA customs locks. Ordinary code locks and TSA customs locks are generally made of plastic, aluminum and other materials, and are also'000' Coded locks, they differ in the hexagonal logo on the lock--Customs lock. What are the benefits of customs locks? TSA lock, known as Customs lock, also known as Customs lock, also known as TSA authentication lock. TSA Customs lock refers to the safety inspection of Customs on customs luggage and goods and goods under customs supervision, which must ensure the safety of goods during transportation and adopt the universal TSA key used by international customs. There must be a red diamond logo on both sides of this lock. As long as the Customs sees the logo, they will know to unlock the lock with the key (The bottom of the lock indicates the corresponding key number), And will not pry open the damage; TSA locks can also be made in more than 40 countries and regions outside the United States. Because of such additional functions, customs locks will generally increase the cost of customization. If you don't travel frequently or travel abroad, it is also a good choice to customize a luggage case with ordinary locks.
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