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Which factories in Fujian province specialize in producing ABS luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
ABS resin is a new type of material. It is a very popular fashion material choice in recent years to make luggage case. Luggage case made of ABS has very good pressure resistance and flexibility, and it has good cold resistance and high temperature resistance, and the produced luggage case has a very beautiful appearance. If ABS luggage case is customized, where is the professional production factory in Fujian province? However, the best luggage production base in Fujian province is Quanzhou, but the raw materials for Quanzhou luggage production are all purchased from Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places, the production cost is relatively high, and most manufacturers in Quanzhou, Fujian are processing and production workshops, lacking independent brands and the ability to independently design and develop new products. So if you want to customize a batch of ABS luggage case and look for a professional ABS luggage case factory in Fujian province, first, there is no good quality assurance, second, there is no professional design and development of new products, lack of market new product insight, etc, therefore, if you really want to customize ABS resin luggage case, it is necessary to change to other regional manufacturers. Generally, the raw materials for luggage are all from Guangdong, so Xiao Bian recommends a luggage customization factory in Guangdong here-- Xilong luggage, Xilong luggage has a history of more than ten years in the custom luggage industry, focusing on the custom luggage field, and has independent design and research and development capabilities, with sufficient capabilities to meet customer requirements for products.
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