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Which fabrics can be selected for custom bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
The fabric types of bags and suitcases include leather, PC and cloth. The fabric of bags and suitcases was first used, while the fabric of canvas was first used. With the changes of the times, many different fabrics also appeared, which fabrics can be selected for custom bags? Some fabrics that often appear in luggage customization are: DuPont nylon (CORDURA) It is a kind of fabric invented by DuPont Company. It has the functions of light weight, quick drying, softness and strong durability. It is not easy to change color when used for a long time. The special structure of the fabric endows it with excellent wear resistance, tear resistance and incomparable strength. Under the same weight, the durability is 2 times that of standard NYLON fabric, 3 times that of POLY fabric and 10 times that of cotton canvas. From 30D to 2000D, the higher the number, the stronger the grain. Generally, 160D to 210D are used on clothes or as a lining for general household outsourcing. This kind of material has a coating on the reverse side, and the general moderate rain will not wet the material through. Oxford nylon (OXFORD) The warp thread of Oxford spinning is woven by two strands, and the weft thread also adopts relatively thick thread. Its textile method is one by one, which is a very general textile method. Generally, it is made of 210D, 420D 600D and other materials, with coating on the reverse side. Used as a lining or compartment for a bag. Imitation DuPont nylon (KODRA) KODRA is a fabric produced in South Korea. To some extent, it can replace CORDURA. It is said that the inventor of this fabric originally wanted to study how CORDURA was spun, but did not finally study it, but invented a new fabric, which is KODRA. This fabric is generally woven with Nylon, and also takes the fiber degree as the strength standard, such as 600D and 1000D. The reverse side has coating, which is similar to CORDURA. Except for the canvas fabric, the above three fabrics are the fabrics that can be used in boxes and backpacks, and are also the medium and high-grade fabrics that are often used in the market. If you want to do business bags, casual bags and kits, it is best to choose these three kinds of fabrics, the quality is guaranteed, and the propaganda is stronger.
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