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Which fabric is good for enterprises to customize backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Backpacks are practical and fashionable, and are more and more loved by people. They are good gifts for employees and business gifts. If you look for a backpack manufacturer to customize a creative gift backpack and then distribute it to the employees, you can definitely win the love of the employees, thereby enhancing the image of the company and improving the enthusiasm of the employees. Nowadays, backpack customization service is favored by many enterprises, and more and more backpack customization manufacturers. However, many enterprises still do not understand the common sense of luggage customization, and even do not know which fabric is good for customizing backpacks. Polyester and nylon are commonly used in backpack customization. These two fabrics have good characteristics and are comfortable to carry, and are very suitable for making backpacks. Polyester has high strength and good elasticity, and is often used to make sports backpacks, student backpacks and cosmetic bags. While nylon has high density, good waterproof and shockproof performance, it is often used to make medium and high grade backpack, outdoor backpack and trolley case. Enterprise customized backpack preferred Xilong luggage custom manufacturers. We are a professional backpack custom-made manufacturer, established in 2004, with more than ten years of production experience, a professional design team and many well-known enterprises, it is the best choice for you to customize your gift backpack!
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