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Which fabric is good for business backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
With the development and change of the times, the business backpacks on the market now have their own unique tricks and the quality is uneven. If you want to choose a practical business backpack, it is important not to relax your fabric requirements. Which fabric is the best for business backpacks? Next, let's talk specifically about the problem of business backpack fabric. In the current market, business backpacks are usually made of nylon and genuine leather. Nylon and genuine leather fabrics have their own characteristics. The nylon business backpack is quite strong, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, and has strong weight. According to the improvement of the density value of nylon, the functional characteristics of the fabric are also enhanced, and the waterproof property is strong, which can protect the electrical appliance from moisture damage, the price belongs to the middle and high-end consumption level and is very suitable for middle and high-end business people. Leather business backpack texture is strong, smooth and comfortable; Strong recovery, anti-pressure and waterproof, long service life. However, due to the high price, it is not wear-resistant and is not widely used. Which fabric is the best for business backpacks? In fact, nylon and genuine leather have their own advantages, but they all have different grades. Therefore, the quality of the backpack fabric, the key lies in the grade of the materials used. Nylon and business are divided into three or six, low-grade materials are not only very easy to break, but also contain chemical impurities, harmful to the human body. Therefore, when buying a business backpack, you also need to see the grade of the materials used in the backpack.
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