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Which fabric is better for making cosmetic bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
In recent years, more and more people use cosmetic bags. The styles of cosmetic bags on the market are also various, but the quality is uneven, and the quality of cosmetic bags is generally inseparable from the choice of fabrics, so want to order a batch of high-quality cosmetic bags, which fabric is better to use to make cosmetic bags? The main purpose of our daily use of cosmetic bags is to protect and store cosmetics and tools. Therefore, the fabric used to make cosmetic bags is first waterproof and wear-resistant and tear-resistant. In general, the fabrics used to make cosmetic bags are nylon, canvas, polyester, leather, etc. , and leather and nylon fabrics have this characteristic, but nylon is more suitable than leather, because its price is relatively low. Which fabric is better for making cosmetic bags varies from person to person. After all, the quality and grade of making cosmetic bags will also vary depending on the customer groups they face or the people they use, but one thing can not be changed is that the fabric of the makeup bag must be in line with the human body standards, can not use those harmful to the human body fabric.
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