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Which fabric is better for custom messenger bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-12
The messenger bag is one of people's favorite bags. Its gift effect is only a second backpack gift. The reason why the messenger bag is favored by the enterprise is that the style has market demand and the price is only the second backpack gift, so many enterprises are willing to customize the messenger bag as a mid-range gift. According to common sense, material, workmanship and structural design should be considered when customizing crossbody bags, of which material is the basic factor that determines the bag type and bag quality. Which fabric is better for custom messenger bag? The common leather materials customized for crossbody bags are cowhide, patent leather, PU leather and so on. The real cowhide is durable and durable. The premise is that you need to maintain it. The cowhide messenger bag is just like a pet. You need to protect it at all times: you can't press it to the body or put it in a damp place, he often needs to be painted with essential oil to protect his leather gloss and so on. In conclusion, cowhide crossbody bag is a luxury with low cost performance; The raw material of patent leather is actually genuine leather, but some complicated techniques are added to the surface of the original material, which is like painting, not only feels good, but also feels soft. At present, there are two kinds of patent leather on the market, one is the real patent leather material, and the other is called transfer membrane leather, which is made by adding a layer of bright leather to the second layer of leather, however, the transfer membrane leather is formed through a composite process, and is also prone to damage, cracking, wear and other conditions. PU leather is artificially synthesized through complex processes, and the quality is also good or bad. PU crossbody bag looks beautiful and the price is low. Its crisp package is loved by many business people. Common fabrics for custom crossbody bags are nylon and canvas. Nylon crossbody bag is one of the characteristics of the fabric of the business crossbody bag. It is durable, waterproof and dustproof. It only takes one shot to clean up the dust. It is very suitable for business people who travel outside all the year round. The raw material of canvas crossbody bag is burlap. Canvas crossbody bag is very popular in recent years. Its advantage is casual and easy to carry. It can be matched with almost any style of clothing, and daily care is also convenient, just wash. Which fabric is better for custom messenger bag? The leather crossbody bag fabric looks rigorous in style and superior in texture. It is often used in business activities and aristocratic occasions. It is a luggage that pays attention to occasions. The leather crossbody bag also requires the body to be stiff and not wrinkled, in order to highlight the business people, the rules are reasonable and clean. The simple cloth-type crossbody bag is most suitable for business people, and its own material is casual, so many people usually choose cloth-type crossbody bag, so it will not appear too casual when going to work, it doesn't look rigid when you get off work.
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