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Which accessories affect the service life of luggage case most?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
Luggage case is often used in life, and a good luggage case is not only excellent in material, but also important in related luggage case accessories, which can make your luggage case last longer, therefore, when choosing luggage case, small accessories cannot be spared. The most important accessories are wheels and rods. Good wheels are divided into one-way wheels and universal wheels, that is, rubber wheels and multi-row wheels. The quality of the wheels is very important. The styles of wheels with different sizes before and after the multi-row wheels are more stable and are not easy to roll into things; The rubber wheel is very soft and there is no noise when walking. Since the consignment is bound to encounter rude handling, it is easy to damage the wheels, so the wheels had better have bearings, low noise and firm. The feature of the good pull rod is that it has a strong gloss, is firm and durable, and does not decolorize, and does not shake when pulling. At present, the best pull rod in China is Jiangshun pull rod, but because its price is relatively expensive, therefore, Jiang shun tie rod is generally used only for big-name luggage case. However, luggage customization can bring good functions together, with excellent quality and high cost performance. Luggage case has been used as a year-end gift in recent years, and if the company carefully selects a delicate luggage case gift to give employees/customers, it can enhance the trust of employees/customers to the company, the image of the enterprise in the eyes of the grantee is more stable. Of course, the customization of luggage case gifts can help enterprises to show their brand image more in invisible publicity.
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