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where the transaction is: innovative retail

by:Xilong      2019-08-14
If smart cities can buy time for residents with better traffic, or peace of mind through telemedicine, then why not make it easier to buy groceries or new jeans?
Internet of Things (IoT)
Obviously, it has an additional retail element, although it may not look obvious immediately.
According to a 2018 survey by Forbes insight/Intel, the company still has a lot of room for development.
When 211 senior leaders asked about retail already having a lot of technology connected to it, less than 12% said yes, about 7% said the solution is currently being installed.
But there is no doubt that the benefits of connected commerce are equally important.
When asked if the retail IoT solution created a return on investment, 76% of respondents said it was --
68% of respondents said retail technology improved the quality of life of the public.
The good news is that some of the world\'s leading cities are looking at what is possible. In London—
According to a study by Juniper Research and Intel, ranked second in the world in smart citiesthe super-
The Connected Cities program is helping small and medium-sized enterprises, including retailers.
Accelerate broadband access through coupons.
Here\'s how the power of IoT technology and data collection has rocked retail while consumer activity is integrated into the entire smart city experience.
There is no cashier here, and it may not be very common to see a store without a cashier today, please wait.
Globally, visionary and adventurous retailers are installing projects that only promise to increase in numbers in the coming months and years.
In 2017, Intel announced the launch of responsive retail IoT technology and invested $100 million in driving retail innovation.
\"A year later, as our response technology was adopted by retailers in nearly 60 stores with 2,000 sensors, we saw measurable results, 26 partners aligned with the vision will expand in a variety of environments, \"said Joe Jensen, vice president of Intel\'s IOT Group and general manager of the Retail Solutions division.
What will the frictionless retail look like?
In China, the retail giant Jingdong has created what is called a \"future store\", which uses responsive retail technology, marked by speed and convenience, to see busy consumers as a shopping experience.
From facial recognition that allows store access, to safe biometric checkout, to smart sensors that track the movement of store customers --
Helps optimize product layout
Technology not only redefined how Jingdong\'s customers shop, but also redefined how retailers serve their customers with the best efficiency.
Thanks to the Internet of Things technology, the inventory accuracy of JD locations can reach up to 98%.
Early returns from cashiers in the United States
Free retail is equally impressive.
Standard cognition opened its first public cash register in San Francisco in Septemberless store.
Amazon also continues to make progress in this area.
Amazon Go hopes to grow from a pilot location in Seattle to 10 pilot locations by the end of 2018, opening 3,000 cashiers
According to a report released by Bloomberg on 2021, stores were reduced by September.
The vision of CEO Jeff Bezos mentioned in the Bloomberg article is to \"eliminate meals --
Time jams in busy cities \"-
Human traffic jams if you want
Re-inventing bricksand-
Mortar Shopping in the process.
The new concept aims to eliminate the hazards that exist for each shopper: checkout line.
The Amazon Go pilot store in Seattle, which combines machine vision, IoT sensors, and mobile apps, swipes at the entrance to the store, creating the so-called \"Go out\" technology.
\"When shoppers put items in shopping bags, they are counted by the system (
Or subtract them when returning to the shelf)
And charge the Amazon account they linked.
This allows customers to simply leave the store after the shopping is completed, and in the process, Amazon collects data to capture and leverage customer insights.
Another example of smart retail may sound like a supermarket science fiction novel, but will soon become a ubiquitous reality: buying groceries by photographing subway walls.
In South Korea, Tesco has launched a successful experiment called \"Virtual Subway store\", where office workers use smartphones from two
Dimenagar \"grocery shelves.
\"Wait for them at home: grocery delivery.
The future of shopping in smart cities by bus
Maybe in the near future
Shopping by public transport will be a historic journey.
The American Outdoor Advertising Association is \"understanding the potential role of smart cities and outdoors [OOH]
Advertising \"describes a scenario where a smart device that consumers transmit from a bus route can triggerthe-
Moment information that consumers can use.
This information may include \"upcoming destinations, reminders about previous purchases, and points --of-
\"There is interest along the way,\" the report said . \".
\"This\" Urban face \"provides important insights into a range of organizations, including government agencies and businesses, who may wish to provide an ultra-
Target message.
These reminders can save valuable time for consumers.
There\'s nothing worse than going out and running errands and it turns out that you forgot something. Because hyper-
According to the data generated by specific consumers, targeted information will be relevant to them, and consumers will welcome them as personalized reminders.
The problem closely related to this is how brands reach consumers when traveling around, whether in a shopping mall or at an airport (
Or these days, both at the same time).
In order to achieve this goal, intelligent retail is
Plus the leap beyond print advertising and the old advertising era
School Billboard
\"Digital marketers and brands have always wanted to target very specific audiences, and traditional media have not helped them for years,\" Maroun Ishac said . \" Business development director, Intel Retail Solutions division.
But thanks to \"numbers outside the home screen \"(DOOHs)
Marketers can reduce their goals to the most granular level.
\"Imagine if the DOOH screen becomes an audience and context-aware,\" Ishac said . \".
\"It\'s really important.
\"Imagine, for example, a digital flag, changing its message based on who passed it, and collecting data based on interaction --
Including how long the consumer has watched and what the response based on facial expressions looks like.
\"The future of digital signage depends on our ability to help brands reach their target audience,\" Ishac notes . \".
\"The good news is that with the help of Intel, we can analyze a lot of data sets.
We know where consumers have been, where they are now, where they are going.
And use it to target them with the right information at the right time.
\"Retailers, data, and 5g: better business planning, as Ishac suggests, the heart of any retail operation lies in its data --
The rich flow of continuous upwardto-the-
The second data generated by sensors, computer vision and computing analyzes the data at the source of the collected data, rather than sending the data through the Internet for processing.
Retailers are obsessed with walking traffic and demographics, the key information that the internet of things can provide to them.
In particular, computer vision can play a role in collecting numbers, such as the number of customers around buildings.
Ultimately, data records generated by consumersCarry equipment-
Smart watches and smartphones, for example
Sensors will be triggered in the store, allowing retailers to gather information that drives marketing efforts.
According to allmapdata, this includes the average shopping time of each customer in a series of visits and the Law of Return shoppers.
\"Data science and analytics allow us to collect data generated by an attribute and create a warehouse of great value with persistence and purpose,\" Chris Happ wrote.
Founder and CEO of Goby, a company focused on intelligent building technology.
\"For example: what if you could count the number of men and women passing through the entrance to art, bohemian style? This data set—
A trendy business, if you want.
Show how the block is a magnet for trendy dining, art and nightlife.
To this end, the upcoming 5g revolution (
Or the fifth generation.
Mobile communications will focus more on data and accompanying analytics than ever before.
In addition to increasing capacity-
As more retailers use more connected devices to access the Internet, this is a must --
5g will be more at an amazing speedgigabit-per-
The second territory
The delay is less than 10 ms.
Remember, none of these technologies are hypothetical --
Most of it has been put into use.
According to the figures of the survey, the enthusiasm of merchants and the early response of consumers, the idea of smart city retail comes down to one word: sales.
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