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Where is Xiamen suitcase factory?

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
Customized suitcases are usually in the peak season of travel, or are given employee benefits. After all, the cost of suitcases is higher than other luggage categories. Therefore, high-consumption suitcase customization enterprises will choose local factories. Where is Xiamen suitcase factory? Where is Xiamen suitcase factory? Choose the suitcase factory in Xiamen, first inspect the scale and operation process of the factory, and determine whether the process and service meet the customized needs of the enterprise; The next is the design level of the factory, which makes the designed personalized suitcase practical and characteristic. These two points are the test of quality standards, functional requirements, can also be determined according to the requirements of enterprise customization. Xiamen Xilong luggage is located in Luohu, Xiamen. It has design research and development, sales customer service and production and processing services. It is believed that more than ten years of luggage customization experience can provide personalized luggage customization services for enterprises.
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