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Where is the multifunctional military first aid kit customized?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
Whether it is a battlefield or a daily exercise, the multi-functional military first aid kit is a must-have item. A strong and durable multi-functional military first aid kit can travel long distances and be responsible for first aid work at any time, this naturally requires professional luggage manufacturers to strictly customize, where is the multi-functional military first-aid kit customized? Generally, an old army will have a fixed military first aid kit manufacturer, so we can go to the old army for advice and find a military first aid kit manufacturer that has cooperated with the army. Recently, Xilong luggage is convenient for the Chinese People's Liberation Army to cooperate in customizing a camouflage military first aid kit. This camouflage military first aid kit has complete functions. The main materials from inside to outside are 1680D shockproof and wear-resistant nylon materials, and the overall safety design is reinforced with fasteners, while reinforcing the design, we also do not forget the perfection of the function. We use small space to design the slide bag in the front and the side. The main bag is divided into two sides for storage, and the first layer is functional storage, the first layer is the free storage layer of military medical supplies. Xilong luggage is committed to the customization of business luggage, leisure luggage, toolkit and schoolbag, and has been customizing luggage products for many enterprises, instrument institutions and educational institutions for 12 years.
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