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Where is the manufacturer of customized schoolbags in Xiamen?

by:Xilong      2020-03-09
Q: Where is the manufacturer of customized schoolbags in Xiamen? A: 15 years of strength old bag manufacturers-- Xiamen Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. is worthy of choice and trust. Xilong bags have produced customized student bags for many well-known enterprises or schools such as Sany Heavy Industry colorful sunshine summer camp, Qiqu composition, haggis, excellence education, Xiamen Hao Fang Tianji kindergarten, Xiamen Tsinghua Experimental School, etc, the quality of schoolbag products is deeply trusted and recognized by all customers. Xilong bags are customized for customers. Xilong bags have 15 years of personalized bag customization experience, and have their own design board room, leather processing factory and backpack production line, self-inspection QC quality inspection department and e-commerce platform can accept drawings, samples, design customization, etc. A strong design and production team, whether you want to come to drawings, samples or design customization, we can customize the schoolbag products that satisfy you according to your different needs. Xilong bags and bags have a wide variety of styles, good texture and low price. If you need it, you can scan the QR code below to add business WeChat and receive the latest bag style PPT of Xilong bags for details.
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