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Where is the luggage manufacturer that can customize outdoor backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
Outdoor backpack generally refers to the commonly used mountaineering bag, and the choice of mountaineering bag is actually equivalent to an outdoor kit, to meet the basic living function in the outdoors, therefore, manufacturers of bags and bags that choose customized outdoor backpacks must choose from a professional perspective to ensure that gifts can ensure the best use after giving away. Where can I customize outdoor backpack luggage manufacturers? 1. Pre-sales and after-sales luggage customization sales team luggage manufacturers thousands of households, outdoor backpack manufacturers are the same, but the real professional outdoor backpack custom luggage manufacturers are few, because not only one factory can complete the customization. An experienced luggage customization manufacturer must first have its own sales team, which can track the whole process from pre-sale to after-sale. 2. Luggage design team backup, the second is to have professional luggage design team backup support, personalized custom customers want outdoor backpack style, provide samples or ideas, create design draft confirmation, and can change the cooperation in the whole process, the most direct contact to the manufacturer for communication, do not need to contact through a third party. 3. Luggage R & D team backup luggage R & D team backup is prepared to model the outdoor backpack. After the design draft is confirmed, it is necessary to give an actual sample and send it to us to confirm that it is making large goods. However, a luggage research and development team needs a professional board house master, has rich experience in luggage production, and has access to many kinds of luggage in order to produce the best samples and teach the factory to produce large goods. The above is a professional luggage customization team that a luggage manufacturer needs to have, not just as a luggage manufacturer at the beginning. Xiamen Xilong luggage is located in Luohu, Xiamen. It is a custom luggage manufacturer integrating sales, design, research and development and production. If necessary, you can contact.
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