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Where is the factory with customized cosmetic bags in Guangzhou Huadu?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
Now is an era of individuality, people pursue personalized and fashionable design, so luggage customization is favored by people. Among them, custom backpacks, luggage case, cosmetic bags and so on are becoming more and more common. In the face of the upcoming 38th and May 1st festivals, many companies choose cosmetic bags as promotional gifts or welfare gifts, and specifically find manufacturers to purchase customized personalized cosmetic bags. Cosmetic bags are mainly used to store various small items. The production cost is not high, but they are very practical and really suitable for promotional gifts or welfare gifts. At the same time, the customized cosmetic bag can be designed in the corporate culture, completely personalized from material, size to internal stratification, and can also be printed with LOGO, which is helpful for brand promotion. However, in order to ensure the quality of cosmetic bags, it is best to find a regular cosmetic bag customization factory. Where is the factory with customized cosmetic bags in Guangzhou Huadu? Guangzhou Huadu is known as the capital of leather goods in China and is the largest production base of luggage and leather goods in China. It has 3500 luggage and leather goods production factories and employs more than 300,000 people. Almost all of these luggage production factories have orders for customized cosmetic bags, but usually the quantity required needs to reach the minimum order quantity of the factory. Generally speaking, the MoQ of small and medium-sized factories is 200 to 500, and the MoQ of large factories is more than 1000. Therefore, to find a factory that customizes cosmetic bags, it is necessary to first specify the quantity and budget of customization so as to select the appropriate manufacturer. Guangzhou Huadu customized cosmetic bag looking for Xilong luggage, Xilong luggage was established in 2004, is an old brand luggage customization manufacturer that has operated for 12 years, has rich experience in cosmetic bag customization and is trustworthy in quality! For a long time, Xilong luggage has insisted on'In the customer, for the customer' The purpose of winning the recognition and support of countless customers!
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